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I am now taking bookings. I do have both physicsal and invisible disabilities and have regular flare ups. Due to having serious flare ups with my health over the last year I have not been able to update or reply to messages. APOLOGIES for not replying to messages. I will do my best to answer now I am feeling better. Hi, I'm Kieranne. I work part-time in healthcare. Travelling, photography and birdwatching are some of my favourite hobbies. The pandemic hit us all very hard and I now have 2 cat's, Feargal & Sparky, that have kept me company and sane during that time. Animal lover's please apply. I'm honest, I like to have fun and I like to laugh a lot. I am definitely not early bird! I am also NeuroDivergent and have ADHD and undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you're looking for a short term let of 4-10 weeks then please get in touch. Only 1 person to stay per booking.
Languages I speak: English, a little Spanish & French
My sleeping habits: insomniac
My kind of tea: strong

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