Naffy & Sam
experienced host
I'm a manager in an education charity and my husband Sam is a human rights lawyer. We're both workaholics but also value personal-time. We eat well (although I love junk food more that Sam does!) and are part-time vegetarians. As a live-in landlord I am tidy but not overly so. I'm used to living in other people's houses so I know how it feels to be a lodger so am more relaxed about things. We have great stories to share- Sam has enough for the 2 of us from his work in human rights. We love getting involved in our area and have busy social lives too. Sam will be living away in the US in 2019 and will be returning periodically throughout the year. We have a 9yo moggie called Minnie so you MUST like cats!
Languages I speak: English, Malay
My sleeping habits: regular sleeper
My kind of tea: i'm a coffee person