new host
I'm a certified Yoga Instructor - so I love doing yoga. I also work in Digital Marketing at an apparel company and occasionally bartend. I live with my boyfriend Jimmy who works in Sales at a start-up tech company. We are both super chill and looking for someone who is like minded to share our space with us.
Languages I speak: English
My sleeping habits: early bird
My kind of tea: decaf

Cozy bedroom downtown Toronto

Little Italy, Toronto, Canada
We live in a spacious two bedroom apartment in the heart of Korea town. Located right beside the Annex and Christie Pitts there is plenty to do! Whether you love to eat, hear live music or hang out in the park this neighbourhood has you covered!


All utilities are included in the price. That means Energy (Electricity and Gas), Water and Internet.

Amenities are split into Private (things in your room) and Shared (things in the communal areas of the house, e.g. Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom).

Ideal guest

Our ideal guest would be someone who is clean and considerate! Someone who takes care of our space as if it were there own!

House rules

No rules really - we're pretty chill. We just ask you are courteous of shared living space!

Household info

My boyfriend and I live here. We occasionally have a dog stay with us.

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