new host
Good food, a well-made cup of coffee and a nice glass of wine. It's the simple things... My husband would probably agree. So would the kids (2 boys, aged 9 and 11) except not the wine bit, of course.
Languages I speak: English
My sleeping habits: regular sleeper
My kind of tea: strong

Bright, spacious loft room with own bathroom

Brixton, London, United Kingdom
2 guests have stayed here so far.
NB: 6 weeks minimum stay This is a family home with all that entails! But the house is big, and from the spacious loft bedroom at the top of the house you'll be able to forget the rest of us are here. Set on it's own floor with a bathroom you'll get the peace and quiet you want. Come downstairs when you want some company! We're a friendly, busy family with two working adults, two school age kids and daisy the cat. Feel free to use the kitchen or sit downstairs in one of the lounge areas. It's a Victorian terraced house in lovely Herne Hill, 2 minutes from Brockwell Park, 10 minutes by train to central london (Blackfriars or Victoria) or 20 mins walk to Brixton, with all its restaurants and tube station.


All utilities are included in the price. That means Energy (Electricity and Gas), Water and Internet.

Amenities are split into Private (things in your room) and Shared (things in the communal areas of the house, e.g. Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom).

Ideal guest

Ideally you'll be friendly, good with kids, as well as clean and tidy. You'll keep your bathroom clean and will do your washing up by the end of the day. You'll eat with us sometimes, and maybe even cook the occasional meal! You'll be easy-going, chat to the kids, and stroke the cat.

House rules

No smoking, please. Don't use the kitchen at very busy times (7.30-8am). That's it really.

Household info

There are 4 of us. My husband and I. He works, I study, we are out most of the day. Our 2 kids (9 and 11) are at school during the day. Daisy the cat is lounging around the house most of the time.

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