new host
I enjoy a good jazz bar. (one of my favourites is just around the corner). When I am not listening to music my head is in a book or I am with my family/friends.
Languages I speak: french english
My sleeping habits: regular sleeper
My kind of tea: strong

Large double room in the city

Parkdale, Toronto, Canada
The room is quite large equipped with a TV, and sofa and recently finished putting in hardwood floors. The area is fantastic. it takes about 15 minutes to get to the downtown core but the best spots are the cute little restaurants along queen street. For people who enjoy a good coffee there are loads of cafes around the corner.


All utilities are included in the price. That means Energy (Electricity and Gas), Water and Internet.

Amenities are split into Private (things in your room) and Shared (things in the communal areas of the house, e.g. Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom).

Ideal guest

My ideal guest would be someone who is independent. I am pretty direct and appreciate candid people. I would also love it if my guest had a sense of humour.

House rules

No overnight visitors and it's smoke free but I dont mind if you smoke outside the house.

Household info

I love alone in this wonderful home

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