What is RoomForTea

We are a secure accommodation provider for young professionals, students and interns specialising in mid-term accommodation (1-6 months).

RoomForTea is the best place to rent an affordable furnished room in a shared home. All our homes are vetted, and hosted. This means that guests will share a home with a local host that we have verified.

We provide a bespoke partner product - please get in touch to find out how we can help you organisation. Our current partners are companies representing international students, interns and trainees, but we are keen to partner with any type of employer or academic organisation.

We are exploring partnerships in the shared living and mid-term housing industry, so if you are an accommodation provider, please do give us a shout.

Why choose us


Each home is verified by a member of the roomfortea team to check it meets our health & safety standards.

We offer support throughout the stay and will arrange alternative accommodation if anything goes wrong.


The length of stay is flexible, and guests can book a room for several months or book for one month or less and choose to extend their stay.

Our pay-as you-go system means guests only pay for however long they need. Typically our stays last between 1 and 6 months.


The average rent on RoomForTea is £600 per month including all bills and utilities, although we have a wide range of rooms across multiple price points. There are no hidden fees on RoomForTea, and we do not require a security deposit.

The maximum we’ll ever ask a guest to pay upfront is 6 weeks. If a guest books for longer, we set up a monthly payment schedule. Payment schedule, Guest and Host obligations are detailed in the Stay Agreement provided upon booking confirmation.


Our seamless booking system makes it quick and easy to book a room, from a few weeks to a few months.

Our local customer service team is available to help guests find a room that meets their search requirements in terms of budget, dates of stay and location preferences.

Some of our current partners

We provide a bespoke partner product

Please get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation.


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