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Our investment campaign on Seedrs will start on the 26th of September at 9:00 am.


We live in a global housing crisis. In cities around the world, young people are struggling to find affordable and flexible housing options for mid-term stays.

The boom in peer-to-peer homesharing has democratised travel for all, but the vast majority of homesharing platforms focus on short-term tourism. No platform has really cracked the mid-term market for peer-to-peer accommodation.

Roomfortea is the homesharing platform that addresses this gap in the market. We make it possible for young people to find quality accommodation with verified hosts, for their first few months of moving into a new city.

Our vision is to match young people with local, trustworthy hosts wherever they go and become a global Coliving movement for mid-term stays. We have kickstarted our international expansion in Canada, but to expand globally, we need your help!

The opportunity

We intend to launch a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Seedrs, to fund the development of our mobile passport product, grow our supply of hosts both in London and in Toronto, and expand into new cities worldwide. Anyone can invest through Seedrs to own a piece of the roomfortea pie.

If you wish to hear more, register your interest here, and we'll send you information about the campaign ahead of the crowds!

Our Roadmap

Our Team

Milena Bottero
Joel Finningley
Alex Petrisor
Tech Lead