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Experience real life in a shared home

Roomfortea is like finding a home - a place to live with a family or friend. From exploring the city to discovering local culture and cuisine, you'll get so much more out of your stay when you are living with a friendly host! Your host will give you a set of keys so you can come and go as you please.

Verified hosts and homes

Book accommodation you can trust with a host that we have met. Safety and comfort are really important to us; each new host gets verified by a member of the roomfortea team before they can list their rooms, to ensure safety and quality within our entire community.

Fair pricing

We believe rents should be affordable and fair in regards to location. To keep it that way, we have set a maximum rent and offer recommendations to hosts on how much to charge based on the area, size of the room and number of occupants. Rents are calculated on a monthly basis and include all bills and wifi.

Meet like-minded people

Connect with a friendly community of guests and hosts. At roomfortea we're all about people and we like to ensure you are well-matched with your host in terms of personality and living habits. We encourage you to chat to hosts and get to know them before booking a room; you can even meet them in person if you wish.

What our members say

verified guest
Angela was genuinely welcoming and integrated me to her family quite happily. She offered me to take part in the barbecue and meet her family (it was a week after I moved in!).

I was invited several times to take part in their activities just as if I were a member of the family. It does make a difference when your close friends and family are abroad and that you’re new in a city.
verified host
I'm actually really enjoying having Emma and Clodagh staying here, I think I will feel a bit nervous when they eventually leave as they have been such good guests, they will be hard to beat!