The three pillars of trust

Hosts trust our service because we make sure that guests are friendly, verified, and pay on time:


We encourage all guests to complete their profile by adding a photo, bio, interests, sleeping habits, and languages spoken.


Guests must pass our reference check to be able to book. To read more about guest referencing, check out our Trust Policy.


We handle all payments, guaranteeing that you will be paid on time every month. How much could you earn?

Our Community

  • 75% of our community of hosts and guests are female; we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive network.
  • Our guests are purpose-driven young people from all over the world.
  • Join an amazing community of hosts - from 20 to 86 - there's no age to start hosting!

How we compare

AirbnbRoomForTeaSpare Room
Average Stay
Average Stay5 days2 months9 months
Guest Verification
Guest VerificationOptional ID CheckReference CheckMinimal
TrustUser ReviewsLocal Support TeamMinimal
Human Connection
Human ConnectionLimited, In and Out StayOccasional Meals & ConversationVariable
Bookings & Payments
Bookings & PaymentsYesYesNo

More flexible and relaxing

Total control

Choose who stays with you: your ideal guest, your living preferences, how long they stay for.

Your home, your rules

Guests have to accept your house rules, which are also printed in the stay agreement that you both receive.

RFT culture

Guests don't treat your home like a hotel. They are expected to clean up after themselves and do their own laundry.

Frequently asked questions

Who runs RFT?

We are a small but dedicated team based in London, UK. RoomForTea was started in 2014 by Milena, after she struggled to find quality affordable accommodation in London as an unpaid intern. Read Milena’s story here.

Why should I trust you to rent my room?

As a trusted housing network we take safety very seriously. We handle all payments and vet our guests through a reference check; they cannot book your room without passing the verification first.

What is expected of guests?

We ask guests for their full name, email address, verified phone number before they can enquire about your room. For more information about our guests and the Trust Policy, click here.

Where does the name come from?

We like tea! Having a cuppa is a great way to get to know someone. Unlike other platforms, it is very common for a RoomForTea stay to start with "shall we have a cup of tea?"

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