Smart, friendly and international

Our guests are young people coming to London for an academic or professional purpose - this could be a university degree, a training course or an internship, to start a new job or grow their career.

All our guests have interesting stories! You can find out more about them, their interests and living preferences through Profiles & Chat.

Trust policy for your peace of mind

We verify all guests before they are allowed to book your room. They can provide two types of reference, which we verify manually.

Academic Reference

As many of our guests are students or recent graduates, we typically contact a university professor or an academic tutor to check that the guest is a person of good character.

Professional Verification

We also accept references from an employer or colleague, and verify that the guest in question has indeed worked with them.
What was your most memorable moment with Raulin?
The times when we chatted about his work at university, his enthusiasm and interest in everything, and his hopes for the future. And his smile!
Kate has hosted 5 guests so far, and takes her tea milky.

Some of our guests

Each week we handpick our top guests, match them based on their budget and your availability, and display them straight on your dashboard.

Will cook you the most amazing meal

Loves nature, yoga and healthy living

French musician, works in a luxury store

Frequently asked questions

How long will a guest want to rent my room for?

The majority of RoomForTea stays last between 1 and 6 months. This gives you flexibility in case you don't want to commit to hosting someone long-term.

What if I prefer to host for short term/long term?

Your house, your choice. You may want to host family members or friends every once in a while or just need time for yourself.

What if I prefer a female/male guest?

We firmly believe that you should be able to choose who you want to host. Therefore you can specify your guest preferences in the Ideal Guest section on your room listing.

What if I don’t get along with my guest?

Our local support team is on hand to help. Whatever the issue, we will help you find a solution. We can even step in and help move a guest in with a different host if necessary.

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