Room for Tea is a sociable housing idea. We are a new kind of home-sharing network which connects guests in need of short-term, affordable housing, with hosts who have a spare room in their homes.

How are we helping our guests?

There are few jobs available for young people in the UK today and internships have become vital experience for employment. Internships exclude those who live outside of London and cannot afford to pay rent at the current market rate.

Our mission is to provide affordable accommodation for young people undertaking short-term work placements. This offers anyone, from anywhere a fair chance to pursue their dream career.

How are we helping our hosts?

Room for Tea is a simple and hassle-free way to put your spare room to a good use. As a host you will receive a stable and tax-free income and help a young person into employment. All guests are verified by Room for Tea through reference checks, and are responsible and hard-working individuals.

Who runs Room for Tea?

Illus team milena


Milena is the director and brain behind Room for Tea. She oversees the service’s activities and provides the excellent and personal customer service to our clients.

Milena conceived Room for Tea in June of 2011 at Social Innovation Camp in London. After graduating from LSE, Milena found it challenging to cover her living costs whilst undertaking an internship at an environmental organisation.

Illus team anja


Anja contributes to Room for Tea as researcher and communications assistant. She is in charge of recording feedback from our hosts and guests and making sure that everyone is happy with our service. Anja is highly passionate about research, client relations and media work.

Illus team gilbert


Gilbert is the frontend designer who can be thanked for the beautiful and user-friendly design of our recently launched new website. Gilbert is passionate about crafting code to make elegant and simple user experiences. Ico external small

Illus team silvia


Silvia is the brilliant illustrator of Room for Tea from Genova, Italy. She is completing a degree in Illustration at ISIA in Urbino. Silvia’s aim: to use her talents to share things that matter to her and that create something good. Ico external small

Wow agency

Our web developers

A group of developers hired through the Wow Agency make up the web development team, constantly working on improving the technology and accessibility of our online platform. We also have regular assistants working on press and communications.


Room for Tea is currently taking part in the Digital Edge investment programme, funded by Nominet Trust . Prior to this, Room for Tea partnered with social innovation company FutureGov to take part in the Keeping Connected business challenge.